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Interview Opportunity – Solar PV to Create Tens of Thousands of Jobs at Minimal Cost to Households in Ontario

Monday, December 6th 2010 10:25:06am

Interview Opportunity

December 6, 2010
Attn: News, Political and Energy editors

New, independent study shows: Despite the higher costs of Solar PV power generation, the net impact to the average Ontario household will be the equivalent of less than 1% of their electricity bills each year  – less than the cost of one Tim Horton’s donut per month.

Link to study:

Co-Founder of ClearSky Advisors, Tim Wohlgemut is available in Toronto for interviews and can speak to the following points:
• Economic Impacts of Solar energy in Ontario
• Job creation by Electricity generation type
• Cost to create jobs by Electricity generation type
• Costs and Benefits of Solar Energy

“When you consider the economic impacts of solar, it is clear that it creates far more jobs than any other energy source while also decreasing health and environmental costs. Solar energy does, however, cost more to ratepayers than the alternatives,” says Tim Wohlgemut, Co-Founder of ClearSky Advisors.  “The question to Ontario households is whether the job creation, lessened environmental impact and reduced healthcare expenses are worth the additional costs to their electricity bill.”

To arrange an interview with Mr. Wohlgemut, please contact:

ClearSky Advisors
Phone: (877) 333-5821

About ClearSky Advisors
ClearSky Advisors is an independent research and advisory firm focused on renewable energy. We provide data, insight and advice that allow our clients to make the right decisions for their organizations. Through our continuous research activities, ClearSky Advisors serves executives within a wide range of stakeholder groups including government, industry, finance and advocacy groups focused on renewable energy. For more information, visit: