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Ontario’s Chief Energy Officer commends Union Gas for their part in establishing the "Energy GreenBox™" pilot program

Thursday, December 20th 2007 4:14:44pm

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Ontario’s Chief Energy Officer commends Union Gas for their part in establishing the "Energy GreenBox™" pilot program

Climate change concern turned to practical action

(December 20, 2007, Toronto)  Ontario’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer met with Friends of the Earth-Canada (FOE Canada), the Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB) and representatives from Union Gas on Thursday to celebrate Union Gas’ role in helping to extend energy conservation across the province.

In 2006, FOE Canada, OAFB, Enbridge and Union Gas created a pilot project to help families tackle climate change by conserving energy, saving money and improving comfort. This year, the program has been extended and will be delivered to 25,000 recipients across the province.

“For all Canadians, climate change presents all sorts of challenges. But for families who are trying to make ends meet, it can be especially difficult. Union Gas’ contributions in the first year of the program were extremely valuable in providing relief to thousands of families across the province,” said Beatrice Olivastri of Friends of the Earth-Canada.

Peter Love, Ontario’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer offered his praise. “Union Gas demonstrated a leadership role in contributing to the Energy GreenBox pilot project in 2006. They have joined a growing number of increasingly savvy companies committed to making long-term pledges to creating a culture of conservation in Ontario.”

The Energy GreenBox contains rolls of insulating foam to seal doors and windows, draft excluders for power outlets, two compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) along with energy conservation tips and an offer for a complimentary membership with Friends of the Earth.  The entire kit is assembled by Booth Industries and comes in a sturdy, reusable box.

Adam Spence, Executive Director of the OAFB, says over 320,000 Ontarians are served by food banks every month. The majority, said Mr. Spence, spend six times the proportion of their total income on fuel when compared with the highest income earners.

“We don’t want anyone to have to make a choice between feeding their kids and heating their home. Climate change only makes it harder for families to know when the heating bill or the hydro bill will be big or small,” said Mr. Spence.

“We were thrilled to assist in setting up a unique program like the Energy GreenBox and bring sponsorship and conservation know-how to the table,” said Sarah Van Der Paelt, Director of Energy Conservation. “The Energy GreenBox is an effective tool to help families reduce their energy costs and support climate protection.”


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The Ontario Power Authority creates and implements conservation and demand management programs, ensures adequate investment in new supply infrastructure, performs long-term, electricity system planning. The Chief Energy Conservation Officer and the Conservation Bureau are part of the OPA, and work toward promoting a culture of conservation throughout the province (www.powerauthority.on.ca and (www.conservationbureau.on.ca).