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Ontario Chief Energy Conservation Officer honours Thunder Bay's Confederation College for energy consevation

Friday, November 16th 2007 4:10:39pm

Ontario Chief Energy Conservation Officer honours Thunder Bay’s Confederation College for energy conservation

‘Celebration Green Initiatives’ showcases innovation in energy management

(Thunder Bay) November 16, 2007 – Peter Love, Chief Energy Conservation Officer for the Ontario Power Authority visited Confederation College today to award Pat Lang, President of Confederation College with his Certificate of Recognition for outstanding commitment to energy conservation.  

This occasion was cause for a “Celebration of Green Initiatives” with college and community environmental supporters on hand.  “Community colleges across Ontario are all facing the same issues,” said Love.  “The buildings and equipment are getting older and are less efficient than newer technologies can provide.  But realistic decisions have to be made: How do you provide faculty and students with efficient and comfortable surroundings with paying your energy bills?  With performance contracts like the one with Honeywell, you will improve energy efficiency, improve the learning environment, increase the life of the buildings, and have guaranteed energy savings,” Love continued.

In 2004, Confederation College completed an Energy Saving and Facility Renewal Program with Honeywell to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of the college’s 660,000 square foot campus.  The work included infrastructure upgrades, such as new lighting and heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) equipment; improvements to mechanical systems; and upgrades to building automation systems to optimize energy management.  Various energy-efficient technologies replaced older, less-efficient systems – reducing electricity, fuel consumption and related costs, as well as environmental emissions.  To date, the project has yielded the college approximately $2 million is savings.  

“Honeywell applauds Confederation College for taking significant steps to reduce energy consumption through environmentally and fiscally responsible programs,” said Luis Rodrigues, Vice President of Energy Solutions for Honeywell Building Solutions.  “It’s rewarding to apply our expertise to provide a solution that has both short- and long-term benefits for the faculty, students and staff.”

The Student Union of Confederation College Inc. (SUCCI) contributed to the event by launching their Go Green awareness campaign promoting green initiatives that students can include in their every day lives.  

The new Lug-a-Mug program has a goal to reduce up to 1200 paper cups that are currently used each day at Confederation College.  The mugs available for sale today, for the first time, also included a punch pass providing users with every 20th cup free, covered by the SUCCI.  

The Student Union of Confederation College Inc. has also invested in Green Energy with Bullfrog Power to reduce their carbon footprint.  “SUCCI is committed to the sustainability of Northwestern Ontario and will do all we can to ensure our future is bright for generations to come,” said Jon Hendel, President of the Student Union of Confederation College Inc.  “No initiative is too small to make a difference and everyone can do their part.  We hope that Confederation College can become the leader of ‘green’ change in Ontario and SUCCI will support them 100% of the way” Hendel concluded.  

Beginning in 2000 to today the college has accumulated utility savings of $4.7 million and a reduction of 15,000 metric tonnes of green house gas including the specific pollutant carbon dioxide.

Also on hand today were Confederation College Environmental Technician students who researched and designed numerous ways we can all reduce waste at work and at home.  Love also acknowledged the college’s other green initiatives.  

“The recycling program is particularly near and dear to me.  For those who don’t know, I was part of the group that first pushed for ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ in Ontario, which, of course, led to the blue box program.  Congratulations to Confederation College for all of the green initiatives that contribute to a culture of conservation in Ontario,”  said Mr. Love

Confederation College President Pat Lang shared, “We are honoured to have Peter Love, Honeywell, SUCCI, our staff and our Environmental students and faculty join us today to recognize the many years Confederation College has contributed to the research and implementation of an energy efficient system.   Each step taken has culminated in the reason we are here today; to celebrate our green initiatives and to embrace our commitment to improving the overall learning environment for our students, faculty and staff.”

Guests attending the ‘Celebration of Green Initiatives’ were also awarded free energy saving kits from Union Gas, energy saving tips from Project Porchlight and Honeywell.


For further information contact:
Ron Vopni, Director
Facilities Services
(807) 475-6368