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Energy storage the missing piece to clean commuting on existing rail infrastructure

Wednesday, May 8th 2013 1:28:35pm

Media Advisory

(May 8, 2013, Toronto, ON) - Get on board the hydrogen train and learn from an impressive lineup of expert speakers about the promise of wireless rail electrification using hydrogen, fuel cells and advanced battery technologies. The 8th International Hydrail Conference will be an opportunity to learn about the convergence of these technologies with energy storage and smart grid technologies toward an achievable zero-carbon rail transportation system.

What: 8th International Hydrail Conference

When: June 11-12, 2013

Where: Ryerson University Campus, 160 Mutual Street, Pitman Hall, Toronto, ON

This conference is aimed at a broad audience of sustainable transportation stakeholders who will convene and exchange ideas, explore new technologies and share operational experience related to the wireless electrification of existing rail corridors through adoption of hydrogen and advanced battery systems.

Why a Hydrail Conference?

• Ontario is planning to electrify key commuter rail corridors in order to reduce GHG emissions, to avoid the cost of diesel fuel, to improve traction performance, to make use of local electricity resources and to improve urban air quality
• This transformation might be achieved faster and cheaper if conventional ‘wired’ electrification is replaced by on-board fuel cells, electrolytic hydrogen, ultra capacitors and Li-ion batteries
• Using stored electricity as hydrogen or in advanced batteries allows the harvesting of inexpensive off-peak electricity with a low or zero emission profile
• Renewable energy generated when there is a surplus power capacity (at night) can be re-directed to rail transportation needs during the day
• Ontario hosts a growing sector of new technology developers, integrators and entrepreneurs that are driving the commercialization and deployment of energy storage, smart grid and green energy transportation technologies

Hosted by Science Concepts International in partnership with Ryerson University, the conference will feature presentations, discussion, and networking opportunities with experts from Canada and abroad in the areas of hydrogen and fuel cells, low-carbon and low-emission urban transportation, policy and economic considerations for transit, and state-of-the-art rail transportation technology.


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Jane Dalziel, or 416-559-1633 (cell)