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Federal Government extends ecoENERGY program for one year - is it enough?

Wednesday, July 13th 2011 12:52:13pm

Interview Opportunity

Who: Jeff Murdock, Save ecoENERGY Coalition

Mr. Murdock can respond to questions regarding:

• Benefits of the ecoENERGY Retrofit - Homes program

1. Stimulates economy at no cost to government
2. Generates $2 in tax revenue for every $1 paid in incentives to homeowners
3. Families spend $10 on home renovations for every $1 paid in incentives
4. Cash flow positive - Tax dollars collected before homeowners receive incentives
5. Incentives are only paid if retrofits are completed, and jobs created
6. No-risk investment for all levels of government
7. Creates jobs, saves energy, improves the environment and reduces government deficits, all at the same time

How a single year extension does not allow the program's full value to be realized by homeowners, contractors and suppliers

•The merits of the Save ecoENERGY Coalition's three step plan

Step 1. Four-year renewal of ecoENERGY Retrofit - Homes program
Step 2. Transition to new EnerGuide rating system (ERS)
Step 3. ERS labeling of new and existing homes at time-of-sale

Interviews can be arranged by contacting Jeff at:
jeff@homeperformance.com or cell: 604.785.9109


The Save ecoENERGY Coalition (http://saveecoenergy.ca/)represents more than 1,600 manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, home renovation contractors, environmental organizations and energy audit businesses across Canada.

Home renovation businesses, environmental groups and energy audit companies support the Coalition's new mission statement: "We recommend a three-step plan that will enable the marketplace to sustain ecoENERGY activity, without the need for ongoing home retrofit grants, within four years."

See the complete Mission Statement for more details about this three-step plan.

Coalition supporters:
A growing list of supporters can be found at http://saveecoenergy.ca/supporters